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Tamas BIkaneri Papad

Tamas BIkaneri Papad

Be it online payment or offline, we make possible for you to make trade transactions as per your convenience. We offer both offline and online mediums to make payment. Feel free to approach us, if seeking for top-of-the-line quality Tamas BIkaneri Papad!

  • Papad 80 Gms (small Size Pouch)

  • Papad--150 Gms (small Size Pouch)

  • Big 200g Tamas Bikaneri Papad

  • Papad 200 Gms (small Size Pouch)

  • Papad 150 Gms (big Size Pouch)

  • Small 150g Tamas Bikaneri Papad

  • Papad-500 Gms (big Size Pouch)